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Robotic Arm Control w/ OpenTAP

This was a fun hackathon project done by the OpenTAP Team. We wanted to show both the flexibility of OpenTAP, as well as simulate some real world use cases we have seen.

To show the flexibility, we started with some random robotic arms we found on Amazon. The goal was to find something that didn’t have a proven, standard, API. Showing that the OpenTAP core and really be interfaced to anything. We definitely got what we hoped for, as we found very little of the API was documented at all. We ended up reverse engineering most of it, adding to the fun!

From there, we created a simulation of an automated manufacturing line. Complete with barcode scanning, multiple robots, and logic to control the different paths.

What we ended up with was more than just a demo. We created an interface we believe can be used for connection to other robots as well as a plugin any barcode scanner.

Check both of these projects out, and let us know other robots you control with OpenTAP.