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OpenTAP in Shipping Products


In other posts and white papers, we've highlighted how OpenTAP started out as a body of shared code used by different product groups within Keysight, by Keysight customers and and by Keysight partners. Later, proponents of open source at the company, as well as at Keysight customer Nokia, saw how organizations across the device manufacturing and hardware test ecosystem (OEMs, integrators et al.) could benefit from the release of the platform as open source software. Today, within Keysight and across the ecosystem, companies and other orgs depend on OpenTAP to streamline test automation.

While most readers probably use OpenTAP as part of a test automation bench or in a testing lab, increasingly systems architects are including richer test capabilities in their company's shipping products. OEMs may initially deploy OpenTAP in development labs and on manufacturing lines, but they are also embedding the test platform in their products, either downloaded directly from the OpenTAP project or using the supported commercial version, the Keysight PathWave Test Automation Deployment System.

One area where deploying full-blown test automation has gained traction is in advanced networking and telecommunications, especially in wireless base stations and other infrastructure critical to modern networks.

OEM-Friendly Licensing

The core OpenTAP platform is published under the "OEM-friendly" Mozilla Public License version 2.0 (MPLv2). This choice of non-copyleft licensing simplifies compliance for OEMs, integrators and other (re)distributors of OpenTAP and associated software.

Platform and Plugins

Devices aren't required to embed the entirety of OpenTAP to interface with the platform or to benefit from its capabilities. Most OpenTAP-compatible systems - instruments, DUTs, etc. - just require the creation and integration of OpenTAP plugins. Hundreds of plugins exist for test equipment and other hardware from Keysight and other ecosystem partners. Hundreds of lab devices also gain compatibility from leveraging SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) interfaces, from Keysight and OpenTAP ecosystem partners.

Hardware Products Containing OpenTAP

The following hardware products from Keysight and others embed the OpenTAP test automation platform and/or are accompanied by plugins to enable various types of functionality.

Tell Us Your OpenTAP Story!

OpenTAP ecosystem participants, OEMs, instrumentation vendors et al. - if you are embedding OpenTAP in your products and/or creating plugins to support instruments, DUTs, custom reporting, etc., please share your experience with the team at at