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Overcoming RF Conformance Challenges with OpenTAP

Recently, KeySight field engineers met with a company that produces mobile-wireless infrastructure equipment. The testing team there had been using a legacy in-house platform for several years, but with each new device, the testing framework required unwieldy customization. They could not keep up with agile software life-cycles.

Testing had become the main bottleneck in their product life-cycles.

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Open Source - Fact and Fiction

Open Source software increasingly dominates application stacks across industries. Enterprise software builds on Linux, Jenkins, Kubernetes and other platforms and middleware; device software looks to Android, Linux, GNU, and myriad other platforms and tools, as well as open source code used to test those devices.

Despite the popularity and ubiquity of open source, many organizations still retain misgivings about using it. This blog examines those misgivings, debunking some concerns, and examining the truth behind others. Whenever possible, the topics are related to open source in Test Automation

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OpenTAP in Automotive Applications

Systems architects increasingly embed test capabilities in feature-rich products. This trend is most visible in the automotive ecosystem, where complex subsystems require comprehensive testing during prototyping, manufacturing, integration and post-deployment.

This blogs examines the presence, functionality and benefit derived from embedding OpenTAP in three automotive application domains: electric vehicle charging, automotive networking, and cybersecurity.

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OpenTAP in Education - U.C. Santa Cruz

This blog is the first in a series documenting the use of OpenTAP in educational settings. The two projects described here - PSLab Integration and Project Wonderwall - proceeded under the auspices of the University of California Santa Cruz School of Engineering, both sponsored by KeySight Technologies.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 4 of 5

In the fourth blog in our series of five, we’ll examine how dependencies on software outside OpenTAP and beyond your plugin itself can impact your choice of license. We’ll also pose some important questions for you and your organization regarding the status of the intellectual property in your plugin.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 1 of 5

This blog is the first in a series of five that examines licensing and distribution options for plugins for OpenTAP. Plugins are created by the gamut of OpenTAP ecosystem participants – OpenTAP users, integrators and other third-parties, as well as by Keysight – and expand the functionality of the platform and accommodate different hardware configurations. If you’ve created an OpenTAP plugin, it merits thoughtful consideration of licensing and distribution options.

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