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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 1 of 5

This blog is the first in a series of five that examines licensing and distribution options for plugins for OpenTAP. Plugins are created by the gamut of OpenTAP ecosystem participants – OpenTAP users, integrators and other third-parties, as well as by Keysight – and expand the functionality of the platform and accommodate different hardware configurations. If you’ve created an OpenTAP plugin, it merits thoughtful consideration of licensing and distribution options.

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Why OpenTAP for Test Automation?

Keysight customers, partners and members of the test and measurement ecosystem – anyone who needs a modern, mature and reusable test automation platform – should evaluate OpenTAP. It's easy-to-use, standards-based, modular and open source, with OEM-friendly licensing. It has a global ecosystem of users, integrators and other partners and is composed of high quality code. Read more . . .

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