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OpenTAP in Education - U.C. Santa Cruz

This blog is the first in a series documenting the use of OpenTAP in educational settings. The two projects described here - PSLab Integration and Project Wonderwall - proceeded under the auspices of the University of California Santa Cruz School of Engineering, both sponsored by KeySight Technologies.

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OpenTAP in Shipping Products

Increasingly systems architects are including richer test capabilities in their company's shipping products. OEMs are deploying OpenTAP in development and manufacturing; device manufacturers are also embedding the test platform, either downloaded directly from the OpenTAP project or from the supported commercial version, the Keysight PathWave Test Automation Deployment System. This blog highlights the many products that are today deploying OpenTAP to provide embedded test automation.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 4 of 5

In the fourth blog in our series of five, we’ll examine how dependencies on software outside OpenTAP and beyond your plugin itself can impact your choice of license. We’ll also pose some important questions for you and your organization regarding the status of the intellectual property in your plugin.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 1 of 5

This blog is the first in a series of five that examines licensing and distribution options for plugins for OpenTAP. Plugins are created by the gamut of OpenTAP ecosystem participants – OpenTAP users, integrators and other third-parties, as well as by Keysight – and expand the functionality of the platform and accommodate different hardware configurations. If you’ve created an OpenTAP plugin, it merits thoughtful consideration of licensing and distribution options.

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