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The Importance of Managing Open Source Software

Open source is everywhere. It is highly visible, easy to acquire, use and deploy. The facility of acquisition and use can give open source, collectively, the appearance of a tech candy store, tempting developers and end-users to take fists full of open source code, sometimes without regard for the implications for intellectual property, security and general overhead.

Open source (including Free Software may indeed be free to acquire, use and deploy, but that usage is accompanied by a set of risks, some of which are shared with traditional proprietary software, while some are not.

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Open Source - Fact and Fiction

Open Source software increasingly dominates application stacks across industries. Enterprise software builds on Linux, Jenkins, Kubernetes and other platforms and middleware; device software looks to Android, Linux, GNU, and myriad other platforms and tools, as well as open source code used to test those devices.

Despite the popularity and ubiquity of open source, many organizations still retain misgivings about using it. This blog examines those misgivings, debunking some concerns, and examining the truth behind others. Whenever possible, the topics are related to open source in Test Automation

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Monetizing Open Source Software

This blog examines how companies and individuals make money and/or enjoy economies by using open source software (OSS). The blog highlights multiple business and technical strategies for monetizing open source in general, and examines the commercial role of OpenTAP and opportunity for the platform in the test automation ecosystem.

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OpenTAP and Open Source Cybersecurity

Open source software (OSS) simultaneously enjoys a superb reputation as a source for cybersecurity tooling and less-than-stellar (if undeserved) repute for suffering from vulnerabilities that facilitate data breaches and other attacks. Given that OpenTAP is an active open source project, members of the OpenTAP ecosystem often inquire about the security of this test automation platform and of OSS in general.

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