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Interview with David Baker, RF Test Engineer at Broadcom Ltd.

OpenTAP platform users have many and varied migration stories to share, at both high and low levels, from architectures to tools to APIs to data structures and common porting chores.  Here, David Baker, RF Test Engineer at Broadcom, shares his migration tale with Bill Weinberg, OpenTAP community facilitator.

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The Python Plugin

Over the years, use of Python has grown exponentially. There are multiple reasons for this popularity, but the OpenTAP Team believes much adoption can be tied to its ease of use for new developers (particularly those coming out of university) and the fact that Python and related projects are open source software two fundamental values that very much align with the OpenTAP Project.

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Taking the Pulse of the OpenTAP® Ecosystem

What is the measure of an Open Source community? How do we know if a project is nascent, dynamic, snoozing or moribund? Devs usually start by asking other devs about the reputations of a project and its contributors, and proceed to evaluate the project code itself as the real validation. But do objective measures exist for the quality, popularity and activity of an open source project?

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Robotic Arm Control w/ OpenTAP

This was a fun hackathon project done by the OpenTAP Team. We wanted to show both the flexibility of OpenTAP, as well as simulate some real world use cases we have seen.

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What is OpenTAP

We are OpenTAP™. A growing community of test developers dedicated to effortless automation.

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People opening a garage revealing the Earth.
Test Automation is Now Open

Drawing on the spirit of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in their now-famous garage, and on the spirit of the Silicon Valley in the intervening years, OpenTAP seeks to set in motion a wave of contribution, collaboration and creation across the test automation ecosystem.

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