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OpenTAP and Open Source Cybersecurity

Open source software (OSS) simultaneously enjoys a superb reputation as a source for cybersecurity tooling and less-than-stellar (if undeserved) repute for suffering from vulnerabilities that facilitate data breaches and other attacks. Given that OpenTAP is an active open source project, members of the OpenTAP ecosystem often inquire about the security of this test automation platform and of OSS in general.

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The OpenTAP Project by the Numbers

Selecting an open source project to adopt, reference or to participate in can be a difficult decision. Prospective users of OpenTAP or any other project should ask themselves Is the project active (or moribund)? How large and complex is the code base? Will the code integrate easily into existing infrastructure? Which licenses apply to the code base? How secure is the project code? What other risks might a project present?

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 4 of 5

In the fourth blog in our series of five, we’ll examine how dependencies on software outside OpenTAP and beyond your plugin itself can impact your choice of license. We’ll also pose some important questions for you and your organization regarding the status of the intellectual property in your plugin.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 3 of 5

Choosing a license for your OpenTAP plugin should not be a daunting task.  However, there are key considerations you need to address regarding your plugin itself and your goals in creating and distributing it. In the third blog in our series of five, we’ll lay out key considerations for choosing a license in support of both business and technical goals.

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Choosing a License for your OpenTAP Plugin - Blog 1 of 5

This blog is the first in a series of five that examines licensing and distribution options for plugins for OpenTAP. Plugins are created by the gamut of OpenTAP ecosystem participants – OpenTAP users, integrators and other third-parties, as well as by Keysight – and expand the functionality of the platform and accommodate different hardware configurations. If you’ve created an OpenTAP plugin, it merits thoughtful consideration of licensing and distribution options.

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Why OpenTAP for Test Automation?

Keysight customers, partners and members of the test and measurement ecosystem – anyone who needs a modern, mature and reusable test automation platform – should evaluate OpenTAP. It's easy-to-use, standards-based, modular and open source, with OEM-friendly licensing. It has a global ecosystem of users, integrators and other partners and is composed of high quality code. Read more . . .

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OpenTAP for Home Automation

This blog describes interesting applications of OpenTAP that fall outside of commercial test automation. The intent of this blog (and the project it describes) is to provide a unique path to automate your residence using OpenTAP.

OpenTAP makes it easy!

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